*Several hours into election coverage*
Stacey¬†– OMG! 270. 270! 270!!! That’s all these people talk about! What’s the big deal, is not like if you get to 270 you win.
Sean – that’s exactly what happens
Stacey – oh…. Really?!
Sean – yep, the first person to 270 wins
Stacey – then why is California such a big deal? Those votes don’t come out until late on East coast time. Seems like that would make them less valuable.
Sean – *pause before carefully proceeding* I can see I’m not explaining it well. There are a finite amount of electoral votes out there. If one person gets to 270 there aren’t enough vote left over for the other person to also get to 270.
Stacey – oooooohhhh. Don’t look at me like that I’m still learning!

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