Stacey Normand: I am NOT looking forward to that test I have to take.
Sean: oh yeah?
Stacey: yeah they do a “stimulation” test
Sean: never heard of it
Stacey: it’s the same type of test they give doctors
Sean: do you mean “simulation”?
Stacey: OMG! I knew that didn’t sound right! Haha! So anyway it has 3 sections of 10 graded questions and 2 non graded questions that they use to help make future tests… So at least it’s only 30 questions total.
Sean: …..36?
Stacey: well yeah but I’m not going to do the non-graded ones so I’m not counting them
Sean: baby they don’t tell you which ones aren’t graded because then no one would do them
Stacey: oh crap!

Optometrist edition
Safety first edition